In these times when the Earth and humanity seem so breakable, as if they might break each other, we search for answers in the air. What’s our next move? What did I just see on the news? What does this moment demand of me? Poets interpret their screens, sing to nature, and admonish us our selfishness. Califragile is a portrait of turning, questioning, stretching, stepping up.


Our name is a nod to our bioregion here in Northern California. But the fragile faultline we explore is planetwide and in each person. While we weren’t inspired by Mary Poppins, if she wanted to float down and help us straighten out the mess we’ve made, well, that would be quite a show!

About the Editor

Wren Tuatha was previously Artist-in-Residence at Heathcote Community and co-founded Baltimore’s Sunday Salon. She received grants from Towson University’s Women’s Center and Office of Diversity to perform her slam play, This Is How She Steps on Snakes, and other productions. She won a Young Authors Award for Poetry.

She studied education at University of Louisville, and film and poetry at Towson University, where she minored in Gay and Lesbian Studies.

Wren’s poetry has appeared or is upcoming in The Cafe Review, Canary, Poetry Pacific, Peacock Journal, Coachella Review, Arsenic Lobster, Baltimore Review, Pirene’s Fountain, Loch Raven Review, Clover, Lavender Review, Autumn Sky Poetry Daily, and Bangalore Review, among others. Wren and her partner, author/activist C.T. Lawrence Butler, herd skeptical goats on a mountain in California.

Wren’s C.V., with links to her online work, is here.

To learn more about Califragile and founder Wren Tuatha’s editorial sensibilities, click here for her interview with “Selfish Poet” and September Featured Poet Trish Hopkinson.



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