Related Poetry Sites and Projects

Poetry Circle A unique literary journal with new poetry or prose added daily. Behind the Front Page is a password protected membership forum where experienced poets and editors give and receive feedback on their posted work. The forum includes submission boards for the front page, a workshop board, blog and journal options, as well as discussion boards and places to post notices of publication and other good news. Membership is juried. Please read all rules and guidelines before signing up.

The Seldom Herd Poetry and Goat Bulletin Board This is a Facebook group for poets and readers. Poets can post up to 2 publication announcements per week, and members can post any number of calls for submission. This is NOT a place to post your poetry.

Undertow Tanka Review This literary review, specializing in tanka, haiku, etc., is edited by Califragile’s featured poet Sergio A. Ortiz!

Visit August Featured Poet Sergio A. Ortiz’ blog, as well!

Trish Hopkinson, aka The Selfish Poet, is our Featured Poet for September! For poetry and writing resources, no fee submission calls, editor interviews, and essays on craft, you can follow Trish Hopkinson’s blog via email or your favorite social media here:

“Trish Hopkinson may describe herself as a ‘selfish poet,’ but her site is an indispensable community hub for poetry lovers, with news and event listings, writing resources, and much more (including her own poems, of course).”–WordPress Discover

Hippie Chick Diaries “Wren Tuatha’s Complicated Adventures in Simple Living!” HCD had a long run as Wren’s popular, self-deprecating blog on life in an Intentional Community. Later Wren reported on her tour of Occupy encampments, teaching consensus and other direct action workshops. Now this blog is mostly inactive, with occasional posts on goat herding and other randomness.

Intentional Community/Sustainability (info coming soon)

Fellowship of Intentional Communities and Federation of Egalitarian Communities

TRIBE: Choosing Intentional Community

Heathcote Community

Non-Violent Direct Action (info coming soon)

Food Not Bombs

Fiopa Consensus Collective

Seldom Herd Goat Rescue