Editors Wanted: Califragile Is Growing!


We’re ready to take Califragile to the next level, improving our website with video and other interactive features, as well as expanding to include not just free verse poetry, but slam, hybrid, fiction, flash fiction, creative nonfiction and other forms. We will also bring our Arts-into-Action events to Chico and communities around the region.

We’re looking for editors, IT specialists, and fundraisers. All are volunteer positions. We’re especially interested in welcoming people of color, LGBTQ+, disabled and immigrant writer/editors. What do you want to contribute? To begin the conversation, send Wren Tuatha a letter of interest at califragilepoetry@gmail.com. Include the following, and anything else you’d like us to know:

• Previous editorial experience (not required)

• Genres you write in and publication highlights; Teaching experience, if applicable (not required)

• Your location and willingness/availability to travel to Butte County (not required but very helpful)

• Your first thoughts for new ways Califragile can be a relevant voice for climate change and social justice through the arts

Deadline for letters of interest: January 31, 2020

We look forward to hearing from you!


Wren Tuatha and Califragile staff

Thistle & Brilliant: Poems of Relationships in Motion//Performance at Blackbird in Chico

Blackbird 4:20 Poster

Northern California writers and readers:

Join Califragile founding editor Wren Tuatha and Poemcrazy author Susan Wooldridge, along with poets Bob Garner, Cory Himp Hunt, Patrick Napoco, Heather Rayann, Travis Rowdy and more for an evening of the messy!

Wren will read from her new collection, Thistle and Brilliant, interspersed with other poets’ offerings on relationships in motion! An open mic on the topic will follow, one poem per reader.

Blackbird Books and Cafe

1431 Park Ave., Chico CA 95928

Saturday, April 20, 2019, 6pm

**This will be Wren’s final public Chico appearance during T&B’s promotional period.**

Let me count the ways…you can order Thistle and Brilliant–

• Connect with us at Blackbird.

• Order via Finishing Line Press‘ website before April 26, 2019.

• Contact Wren via Facebook or Califragile.org before April 26, 2019

• Contact Wren to host a house party before April 26, 2019.

It Begins by Friends of Califragile

CT leads closing activity at launch party

It begins with a dying fish,
tangled in faded lace.
Squirming, frantic, delicate.
A desperate daydream of swimming through the nearest window.
Almost bluish grey.
Like the opaque eyes of the slender ribbon snake readying to shed its skin
into golden light
and it ends with a flying fish
untangled, SPLASH!


Cooperative poem from attendees of Califragile’s launch party. We love our Chico/Butte County community!


Photograph by Gillermo Mash. 

Califragile Editor Wren Tuatha Interviewed on Wombwell

Wren discusses her poetry beginnings at her childhood community center: “I… wrote something with words I could spell, like sky, trees, grass. I remember feeling transdimensional, as if I had healed all diseases by extolling the beauty of sky, trees and grass.”

She discusses her influences, from Robert Duncan to “Yoko Ono. Not her writing but her performance art. She taught me that the audience is the canvas. This has informed everything I do in art and education.”

What advice does she offer other emerging poets? Read her thoughts about matching your goals to your poetic activities. “Here’s a morsel I learned in the editing trenches: Don’t put Best of the Net nominations in your bio. This causes an editor eye-roll like you would not believe. When you win, put it in.”

Read the full interview here.

Wren doing Q&A at launch party cropped