Two Poems by Kenneth Pobo

King Spacker

Half drunk, he talks
to his friend DABO,
Dave August Braller,

that he’d like to be king.
Henry VIII could get rid of
wives when they outlived

their usefulness. As king
in Micah, he’d ban everyone,
walk into stores, no clerks—

take whatever he wants
for free. Soon he’d rule
the state, America,

the world until death performs
that single revolutionary act
and dethrones him.


Ida’s mom sewed coats
of rules. After she died,
Ida bequeathed them
to her daughter Amy
who piled them in her front yard,
poured gasoline, lit a match.

Amy remembers her grandmom
as a book of a thousand pages,
mildewing on a shelf,


Kenneth Pobo has a new book of poems out from Circling Rivers called Loplop in a Red City. His work has appeared in: The Queer South anthology, Caesura, Colorado Review, Mudfish, and elsewhere.

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