The Truth of the Matter (Revealed in My FB Feed) by Devon Balwit

The dog has a parrot

on his nose.
He watches

with a single eye,

by the beak
so close

to ocular jelly.
The dog is trying

to be a sport,
the parrot

only itself,
coy, mugging

for an unseen
master. My own devil

perches the same,

looking on.
Perhaps, his stay

will be as brief
as a photo op,

perhaps, a lifetime;
perhaps he will take

an eye. His talons

my bridge.
I look askance.



Devon Balwit is a writer/teacher from Portland, OR. She has five chapbooks out in the world. Her poems have appeared in Rattle, The New Verse News, Poets Reading the News, Redbird Weekly Reads, Rise-Up Review, Rat’s Ass Review, The Rising Phoenix Review, Mobius, What Rough Beast, and more.

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