Sky Chronicles by Monique Gagnon German

I’ve got blues
that surpass navy,
cerulean, sapphire,
cornflower, turquoise,
iridescent, eggshell
and cobalt, baby.
I know loneliness,
the length of days
and nights as they move
through me,
molecule by molecule
cataloguing the sun’s face
while it flirts
with the moon
in broad day
and I examine you
with tips of space,
tendrils upon
your trees,
unable to feel anything
but shapes,
blowing on you
like candles
like dandelion fodder
without wishes
for your sake.
So, don’t look
to me for answers
about the track
the ballgame
your love life
your suffering.
And when you climb
to get above me,
expect me to slap
your face.
I am best,
above your head
out the window,
split by clouds
birds, storms,
shuttles and airplanes.
So, keep me there
at that distance
that inspires science
and faith but away
from birthday wishes
demands and property deeds.
You can’t see, can’t reach,
can’t know me,
the keeper
of the smooth
blue notes
that conduct
your weather or fate
as you stroll along
day upon day
beneath the eyes
of giant hurricanes.



Monique Gagnon German is a graduate of Northeastern and Northern Arizona Universities. She is a wife, mother, a former Copy Editor of Ragazine (, and former Technical Writer for a laser manufacturer in San Diego, CA. Currently, Monique works as a Content Developer and document QA Specialist for a small veteran owned company in TX while continuing to write poetry and stories in CO. Her poems have appeared in over 30 journals/anthologies including Rosebud, California Quarterly, Tampa Review, Off the Coast, and The Wayfarer. Her micro-flash, flash, and short stories have been featured in Kalliope, A Journal of Women’s Literature & Art, The MacGuffin, and Adelaide Literary Review. In October 2017, she was nominated for a Pushcart Prize for poetry so she is actively crossing her fingers as you read this. Website for Monique:


Art: Starry Night, Vincent VanGogh

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