Four Micro Poems by Alexis Rotella


In a Letter

Mother tells me
I’m such a sweet person
when I’m not a grouch


A taxi ride
through Central Park
the scent of magnolia
after last night’s rape


Waving goodbye
to relatives
while the toilet overflows


My heart goes with him
as my husband
leaves the table –
a friend’s joke
about Italians



Alexis Rotella has been writing poetry since the 1970’s. She served as president of The Haiku Society of America as well as its house organ, Frogpond. Founder of Prune Juice, a still active senryu journal, Alexis is also a well known mobile photographer and licensed acupuncturist in Arnold, Maryland. She has written dozens of books including the curation of Unsealing Our Secrets (MeToo poems) available on Amazon and Kindle.


Painting Signs and Stains by Jenn Zed. Used by permission. 

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