Autumn Poems by Trivarna Hariharan

John_Atkinson_Grimshaw_-_Evening_Glow_Autumn poems by Trivarna Hariharan-_Google_Art_Project


by my shadows—

I yearn
for the silence with

evening birds laugh.


on an autumn night—
a cicada tosses back and forth
our tree’s old arms.


Autumn winds
understand the tenderness

with which to touch
flowers that can no longer



In her mouth—
a nightingale holds

flowers as tender
as times long gone



by children not more
than three years old—

an autumn’s maple
withers at our window-



Trivarna Hariharan is a student of English Literature from India. She has authored There Was Once A River Here (Les Editions du Zaporogue), The Necessity of Geography (Flutter Press) and Letters I Never Sent (Writers Workshop, Kolkata). Her poems appear or are forthcoming from Right Hand Pointing, Noble/Gas Quarterly, Third Wednesday, Otoliths, Peacock Journal, Across the Margin, Front Porch Review, and others. In October 2017, Calamus Journal nominated her poem for a Pushcart Prize. She has served as an editor-in-chief at Inklette, and a poetry editor for Corner Club Press. Besides writing, she learns the Electronic Keyboard, and has completed her 4th Grade in the instrument from Trinity College of Music, London.


Painting by John Atkinson Grimshaw.

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