At the Renwick Gallery’s Exhibit on Burning Man by Marianne Szlyk


Adorned with a headdress
made from bottlecaps,
wearing a white nylon slip
to match the mountains,
I dance in the heat
that I have always shrunk from.

A younger, bare-chested version
of a man in a black t-shirt
stomps to the sound
of empty half-gallon jugs
and cafeteria drums.

In this world,
I ride on the back
of his motorcycle.

Wind chimes gather around,
protecting us.


First published in Ramingo’s Porch, Issue #4.



In the late 1980s, Marianne Szlyk lived in Eugene, Oregon. She wonders every so often what her life would have been like had she stayed out west. She also edits a blog-zine, The Song Is…, for poetry and prose inspired by music (especially jazz), and she publishes poetry here and there. Her latest book, On the Other Side of the Window, is available through Amazon.


Photograph by Scott Sporleder.

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