Public Disturbance in a Hurricane by Nancy Jasko


rescued from a garage-parked antique
coach by EMTs in a boat while the
wallet remained in the driver’s seat

the alcohol-breath rant bent the ear
of the officer until he pushed her
into the back seat of a patrol car in the street

soaking wet, sweatshirt on head, rifling
through the carpetbag; beneath the half full
bottle of vodka next to the Xanax

below the blow-dryer that travels everywhere
in case of frizz, loose bills by hundreds
fill the space of the absent wallet

with the ID that would prove
she wasn’t a lying vagrant

she was just down on her luck once
again with a friend who needed a friend

a cripple, he was, life-sucked by stroke,
holding a rucksack, standing in the slanting rain



Nancy Jasko lives in a small neighborhood in central New Jersey
near a bay. She enjoys early morning walks to the beach with her dog and taking photos along the way. She graduated Rutgers University with a BA in English and the University of Florida with a MA in Special Education.

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