#FlattenTheCurve: Isolating my self by Marge Piercy


I have cancelled my poetry
group: no feedback on work:
writing is in essence
a lonely life.

No readings to make poems
live in others’ minds. No library
to read others’ work. Now I
read what I never wanted to:

books sent for unlikely blurbs.
Toilet paper is rare as hope.
We buy canned, frozen goods
but we’re running out of space.

What will disappear next?
I have cancelled our Pesach
with friends—a lonely seder
with two and probably one

of our cats, who are very
happy we’re stuck here.
I can’t renew my driver’s
license; can’t have lunch

with friends, attend meetings:
in fact there’s aren’t any now
except on ZOOM. House:
a coffin enclosing me.

We were already vanishing
into our phones. This will
complete our transformation
into hermits of technology.



Published with permission of Marge Piercy

Article on Passover in the time of pandemic.

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